elisabetta versetti

My passion for journeys since I was a kid, photography, my professional education as an architect that makes me be attentive to materials, to geometries and colours as well that help characterizing shapes, reflect on each single object I design.

My long experience in C&C Milano and the various collaborations with architects and designers, have allowed me to improve my knowledge in the areas of interior design and textile industry, which have encouraged new creative ideas.

my inspirations

My interest in travel and curiosity about different cultures guides my itineraries. These often lead to my discovering textiles in an anthropological way. Textiles touch and release emotions. They speak in cultural tongues. Interesting conversations can happen when weaving together the threads of ancient civilisations with a contemporary spirit.

I draw inspiration from nature, art and people. I explore and create my own sensory style maps that I can then translate into details and colours.

Colour defines shape. Colour defines an idea. An exact tone of colour conveys a personal story instantly.

Our products are borne out of precision: the precision of form, proportion and cut. We are always looking for the balance of restraint and refinement in order to find the essence. Our detailed attention to style and shape ensures we produce designs that enhance, rather than ostentatiously overwhelm, the environment they will live in.

A roll of cloth is like a blank sheet of paper on which to write one’s feelings of passion, curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity, amazement, desire to escape…restlessness…discovery…

Emotions are words written in stitches, embroidered, as appliques’ and as colour…